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After almost 6 months they finally mailed me my tax papers.I was also waiting for their free hotel offer.

Yes they sent it to me but now I have to pay $14 to validate it and then I have to $200 to make a hotel reservation.

They say that $200 is refundable but after what happened I do not trust them any longer.

bottom line is you are better off to sell your old car for very cheap instead of donating it.It was too much stress for me.

Original review posted by user Sep 10, 2013

We wanted to do something good, so we called the "HERITAGE FOR THE BLIND" and donated our BMW 2001 to them. The car was in a good running condition, no body damages, clean interior, bottom line the car was in a good condition.

They came and picked up the car and told us they will send us the tax papers in a week. We donated our car on April 2013, today is September 2013, after 5 months they have still not mailed us the tax papers. Yesterday I received the registration renewal for the car so I emailed them asking what is going on and each time I email them they are telling me they have put the car for sale and they are waiting for the highest bid.

Anyway, in short I think I handed my car to bunch of fraud they operate under HERITAGE FOR THE BLIND. Be carful , do not give them donation, I don't know what happened to my car, they probably sold it for parts and pocketed the money.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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SCAM!We should have checked them out before giving them our car.

We donated our car to Heritage for the Blind because to the "3 day 2 night vacation" they offered.

What a scam. We submitted three choices for three different months and they couldn't find any available hotels that fit our request. I asked for a refund toward the end of May 2017.

It will be about 5 weeks before they send it.I'm assuming they're hoping I'll forget about it by then so they can pocket the money.

Detroit, Michigan, United States #1262028

That's awful


Thanks for this comment, I too am looking to donate my daughters car and will not be donating it to this company. Sorry that this has happened to you.


I am having the same issue.The pickup and paperwork is done.

No mailed in forms nor is anyone answering the phone.This is bs!


I donated my car on the 16th, and now heritage for the blind is saying they cannot find my car.They made the arrangements to come to my house and have it picked up.

I've called all of the numbers on their website and the personal number I got in the beginning and every time I call, the phone calls always end with "call ended" Are we the blind, considering we don't see the scam coming?This place is a JOKE


Agree with this.My father donated his car in April 2015 to Heritage for the Blind.

Numerous calls, faxes, and emails have gone unanswered.

It's not Aug 2015 and no tax documents for a tax deduction.DO NOT DONATE TO THIS CHARITY.

ripped off
Virginia, United States #940440

I hope these people go either to *** or jail soon they should be ashamed of there selfs praying on the blind and people with disabilities!!!!!!! Rot in helllllllllllll!!!!

Virginia, United States #940435

These people are crooks they say they will give you vacation but that's a lie they just want to steal your car don't trust them I hope they can live with there self plus they don't give that money to the needy they pocket it and take there vacation....liers!!!!! Stay away croooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #914949

We all need to call the FBI

New York, New York, United States #864960

We lived in Louisiana for a short while.When we returned to NY we decided to donate one of our cars since unlike LA, NY has mass transit & no real need for two cars.

We called the Heritage for the Blind toll free # & after many questions, arranged to have the car picked up. We did everything that was required for legal "out of state" title transfer & release from liability. Two months passed & no official letter verifying our taxable donation. It's now 3 months since the car was picked up & we've yet to receive a legitimate IRS Taxable Deduction document or anything indicating when we will be receiving the advertised & promised "3-day Vacation Trip Voucher for two adults for anywhere in the continental U.S." Had we known that we were about to become victims of a scam, we would had rather given the car to a local auto-mechanic vocational training school.

At least knowing for sure that kids would gain practical hands-on skills towards future job security would had made the donation worthwhile & emotionally gratifying. Next time we will contact the IRS Charitable Information Department directly for a legitimate & updated listing of registered 501 (c) 3 organizations. In the meantime we will be contacting the local fraud by deceptions branch of the FBI & filing a title transfer search with the State Dept. of Motor Vehicles- Registration Bureau to see whether or not a sale has taken place & if so, to whom the car was sold...

The IRS requires merchants to have a registered tax ID number in order to collect taxes. So if any Heritage for the Blind partnering auctioneers sold our donated car, the IRS should be able to show a record of the sales tax amount collected.

Also, if the car is/was sold & at least 45% of the profit is not used towards the actual needs of the blind, then the State Attorney General & the News media need to get involved.

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